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A Sweet Connection, Sorry Paul (Way After Goteddsday) 2023

Confronting the feelings left over from a successful act of self-defence during a football match in primary school, I created saturated cement forms to resemble jumpers for goalposts on Chester’s racecourse. In the middle ages, the racecourse, or Roodee – the world’s oldest – was the site of the violent Goteddsday (Shrove Tuesday) football matches, which were eventually banned in the 16th century.

The sculptures reference the racecourse’s violent past as well as the nostalgia of his own misdemeanour.

An accompanying sound recording contained my recollection and apology for the fight that created this memory.

Produced by Chester Contemporary, curated by Ryan Gander.

Thanks to Chester Racecourse, Gemma Saunders, and Rachael Marchant-Davies for their support.

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