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The Deacon's Masterpiece, 2020

A poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes from 1858 that describes a one-horse shay that was designed to be as strong in every part of it as every other part. Almost 100 years to the day it was built the shay, that had outlived owners and their descendants, fell to pieces all at the same time - as logic is logic.


Taking the lead from the engineering company Micro Measurements of North Carolina, USA, who made frameable copies available for any employee to take home, Nick has made a frameable A3 edition of this poem for anyone to own with the aim of reminding people of the "absurdity of attempting to achieve 'the perfect engineering feat'".

This poem has been typeset in Tetromino, the artist's own font that was 'designed' within the game of Tetris one character per game.

Available as a free open edition.


Download here



Deacon's Masterpiece.jpg
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