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Reaching Out To Icarus (Architects)

A six sided airmail letter written to Icarus Architects of Jayanagar, India concerning the artist's anxieties around how the world's taller and taller buildings will survive and be managed.

Nick stumbled upon the architectural firm during a Google search for the words 'Icarus' and 'Architecture' hoping to find some common sense or clarity of thought as to how buildings like the Burj Khalifa will be eventually demolished or controlled.

The firm Nick wrote to have not responded and nor should they as they do not have any links to Nick's concerns other than in Nick's own theory as to the myth of Icarus and how its links to architecture.


Laser printed reproductions of a hand written letter in a first edition of 13, sealed within a Basildon airmail envelope.

None remaining (but a second edition was released to be published in Building Proposals (After Fantastic Architecture).

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