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Public Notice: Cardiff 2013

As part of a residency in Roath, Cardiff with Made in Roath Nick set up The Department of Public Possibility. A department comprised of him in a branded boiler suit and a laptop.

The main objective of this residency was to research new ways to use art and public space and find out more about how people view it and want it used.

To do this Nick developed a Public Non-Census to gather information from 200 local residents. This was delivered door-to-door like a Kleeneze catalogue and Nick collected a total of 13 returned forms, a hit rate of around 7%.

To culminate the residency Nick shared his ideas, born from the research and experience of the residency, in the form of his department's own laminated planning notices that were put up in the locations relating to his ideas. The notices ranged from DIY seagull defense infrastructure to a fictional public hanging (of what was unknown) at Death Junction, Roath. 


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