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Critical Mass, 2024 - ongoing

Ongoing monthly art book donations to Rhyl Library.


Growing up, Rhyl Library was a little place solace for me. As a teenager and art student, the art gallery housed in the same purpose-built building was a place of proper wonder, too.


Sadly, the art gallery is no longer at the library, so on my recent visits to Rhyl Library to study local history I began perusing the art section also. It got me wondering, in a time where libraries are being hit hard by funding cuts, much like the arts, is there a way as a local artist I can support these valuable assets and even develop culture without having to run an art gallery?


‘Critical Mass’ is my mini-solution made into an art work. I donate one art book every month or so into Rhyl Library’s collection. Free then for anyone to withdraw and enjoy.


I guess this is me being a socially engaged artist in ways that fit with my lifestyle.


It’s like a gym membership for my soul.

List of donations to date:

June 2024 - Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being, by Jonathan Fineberg

July 2024 - TBA

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