Nick lives in Prestatyn, North Wales and spends some of his time making things (often books) he calls art. On Sundays he tries to paint.


His work spans a variety of media including photography, sculpture, installation, and artist publications. He plays with aspects of how we view ourselves, technology, creativity, and the everyday, aiming to celebrate the organic, imperfect, and human scale.


He's also worked in collaboration with other artists and creatives and has designed and produced books with artists including Charlie Tweed, S Mark Gubb, Sean Lynch, Gordon Dalton, and Paul Carter.


His work can be found in RePrint: Appropriation (&) Literature by Annette Gilbert. He has worked with Exeter Phoenix, Spacex, Plymouth Arts Centre, g39, Made in Roath, and Airspace Gallery.


Some things work, some things don't, either way he keeps trying.

Instagram: @nickdaviesworks and @loophole.projects