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Self Portrait Of The Artist As The Art Student He Once Was, 2023

Double bed, double duvet, customised duvet cover.

A new work that will probably never been shown in a gallery, nor sold, merely used as its design intends as bedding.

My wife told me the other day that a good friend of hers who has known me for a long time said I am the person most consumed with art she has ever met.

This has pretty much always been the case one way or another for me, but when I was studying art saw it’s peak (or trough).

My bedroom was my studio and I was both weighed down and nourished by the art books I hoarded.

This self portrait sort of sums me up from back then. It’s a duvet set with customised covers showing me beneath a pile of some of my art books.

Some have described it as a soothing weighted blanket, I see it as the weight of what’s been done in the past holding me down in a state of inaction. Either way, it’s pretty accurate.

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