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In Search of the Exetre, 2014

Site specific video installation documenting a failed journey to walk along and measure a 47 mile DIY meridian drawn across Devon, using Exeter as its epicentre in order to mimic the method used to form the contemporary measurement of a metre.

The journey by foot began in Brixham  and ended in Exeter before then driving the rest of the way by car. After getting lost in the woods near Teignmouth and then reaching pathless road, Nick took to taking the Coastal Path for safety, which ended in camping in a dark park overnight and waking up with a rucksack covered in dog shit. After three days sleeping outdoors and one night recovering at his flat in Exeter, Nick finished the rest of the journey to reach Minehead by taking the A39 and then the M5. No unit of measurement was found, nor was his pride, instead a Rorsach inspired symmetrical print of the path followed using the meridian as its point of symmetry was produced for viewers to take home. Oh, and he made a sculpture formed by balancing leftover items from the trip - a measuring wheel, camping stool and a bag of raisins.

Shown at Exeter Phoenix in Intention/Invention/Convention, 2014.

Inner Tent.jpg
Exetre Wheel.jpg
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