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Super Legs, Man
2020 - ongoing

Super Legs, Man is an ongoing series of coloured pencil drawings of Superman action figures, displayed with the original action figure encountering the work.

The work came about due to a continuing family tradition of shaming the artist with a story from his childhood. At the age of ten Nick attempted to enter the Eisteddfod (Wales' annual arts competition) by drawing a picture of Superman. This effort soon became thwarted where at the point of already having begun 'colouring in' Nick noticed he had made Superman's thighs too large compared to the rest of his body.

Nick was inconsolable having spent hours on the drawing, words from his mother such as 'it's not that bad' did little to quell his despair.

Each drawing in the series is presented blu tacked to a wall with the action figure of its origination staring at it from a slender white plinth. Along with the action figure is a tag that gives the artist's response to the form of each iteration of Superman, commenting on its fantastical build whilst also grounded it in reality.

The series is an attempt to exorcise the pedantic, petulant child from the artist's psyche, whilst also scrutinising the way the male form is portrayed within fiction and fantasy.

Action figure, coloured pencil on cartridge paper, plinth

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