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Building Proposals (After Fantastic Architecture), 2019

A box publication created as a part of Loophole Projects in response to the 50th anniversary of Fantastic Architecture by Dick Higgins and Wolf Vostell.

Released in an edition of 69 copies to mark the year of the original's release it contains work by 22 artists and 1 architect.

It may never match the original, but whether grandiose or everyday it's a case of building proposals.

To view an unboxing click here.

£30 each (plus postage)

Currently five copies remaining

To order a copy email ''

Contributing artists:

Chris Agnew, Sovay Berriman, Ricardo Bloch, Simon and Tom Bloor, Paul Carter, Stuart Crewes, Ryan Curtis, Nick Davies, Polly Gregson, S Mark Gubb, Gabrielle Hoad, Evy Jokhova, Scott King, Sean Lynch, Alex Murdin, Emily Speed, Simon Starling, Mark Titchner, Charlie Tweed, Paul Unett, Ian Watson, Bedwyr Williams, Sam Venables

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