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Double Elephant Workshop, Redefining Print, 2015

In a two year project ending December 2015, Double Elephant sought to answer the question:

What is contemporary printmaking and how might it evolve in the next 10 years?

In 2013, Double Elephant commissioned five contemporary artists, Katy Connor, Bryony Gillard, Mark Leahy, Volkhardt Müller and Clare Thornton, to create new work by exploring possible redefinitions of printmaking – to explore its role as the inspiration for new work and develop hybrid responses to printmaking.
As part of the culmination of this project in 2015 a one-day symposium took place that was attended by over 185 delegates from across the UK.

Nick was commissioned to design and produce a publication to hand out to each delegate upon arrival that would convey the values and aims of the Redefining Print project.

Produced using laserjet and risography and wire bound, the resulting publication contained anaglyph reproductions of artist's work and documentation of the working process (including the red and green 3D glasses needed to receive the anaglyph images in 3D) along with a poem inscribed bookmark from Mantie Lister.

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