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Does That Include Us? / Y Cynnwys Ni? 2016

Does that include us? was a multi-artform programme of events that took place at g39 in Cardiff and was presented by artists, facilitators and activists, some who identify as disabled and some who don’t.

The programme consisted of social gatherings, performances, practical activities, conversations and debates. Through these activities the aim was to find innovative and experimental ways to promote discussion around the subjects of access, inclusion, empathy and diversity within the arts and the wider community.

Nick was commissioned by g39 and Gail Howard to design and produce a publication that, as well as showing some content from the programme, took a form that embodied the values the programme set out to achieve.


Printed in digital newsprint and including braille, QR Code access, and an accompanying CD for the visually impaired, the content available in these forms differed from that in the publication creating a mutli-faceted experience for everyone trying to get all the content available, not just those who identify as disabled.

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