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'It's The Fear', 2021
by Mark Titchner

Loophole Projects is proud to announce that the piece created especially for the inaugural outing of the 'Ey Board was the bilingual text work 'It's The Fear' by the brilliant Mark Titchner. In the sleepy seaside resort sat this great bit of unique contemporary art.

Mark is a British artist who lives and works in London and predominantly produces within the public realm, exploring words and language through text based artworks. The works aim to navigate and analyse the tensions between different belief systems that inform our society, be they religious, scientific, or political.

Mark kindly created the striking new double sided work that states "IT'S THE FEAR THAT KEEPS US HERE" or as it would be stated in Welsh "YR OFN SY'N EIN CADW NI YMA".

The 'Ey Board is the latest form of Loophole Projects that operates from the driveway of Nick's little bungalow in Prestatyn in the guise of an A-Board - the type of shop sign seen on many high street pavements. It exists with the belief that if a contemporary art gallery isn't possible in Denbighshire then other forms of getting great art out to the public are what's needed. As the name suggests it's hoped the 'Ey Board will make people go "...'Ey?" or "... Ooh" or "... Ah" as they pass by.

On show during times when Nick is at home and the weather is amiable (not too windy, not too wet) until a date in the near future as yet unannounced.

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