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'United Kingdom / European Union' (No.32), 2021
by Layla Curtis

'Ey Board No. 2: 'United Kingdom / European Union' (No. 32), 2021 by Layla Curtis.

Layla Curtis is a British artist whose practice explores the notion of borders and boundaries, both physical and metaphorical.

Loophole Projects are pleased to announce the next 'Ey Board, showing a print of No. 32 from Layla's ongoing series 'United Kingdom / European Union'. These painstakingly assembled collages are created from fragments of EU member state road maps combined with UK road maps. Other works from the series can be found on Layla's Instagram account (@laylacurtis_artist).

No. 32 shows a land mass that at first glance seems commonplace, but on close inspection roads connect places such as Prestatyn, Kalisz, Osnabruck, Liverpool, and Brugge on one landmass, with an island to the North hosting places including Abergavenny and Catanzaro.

The 'Ey Board is the latest form of Loophole Projects that operates from the driveway of Nick's little bungalow in Prestatyn in the guise of an A-Board - the type of shop sign seen on many high street pavements. It exists with the belief that if a contemporary art gallery isn't possible in Denbighshire then other forms of getting great art out to the public are what's needed. As the name suggests it's hoped the 'Ey Board will make people go "...'Ey?" or "... Ooh" or "... Ah" as they pass by.

On show during times when Nick is at home and the weather is amiable (not too windy, not too wet) until a date in the near future as yet unannounced.

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